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On the last two videos, we went over the basic concepts of model-drivenĀ telemetry and presented a demo using pipeline and other tools. šŸ¤–Ā Here’s what we used: XRv IOS-XR 6.4.2 (xrv9k-fullk9-x-6.4.2.ova) 3GB RAM / 1×2 CPU / 45GB HD BIRD Routing Daemon v1.6.0 Pipeline v1.0.0 InfluxDB v1.7 (container) Grafana v4.2.0 (container) XRv IOS-XR This is the…

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So as I’m attempting to build this fireprotocol site as a Flask application, I’m following the great Grinberg’s Flask tutorial and I ran into a problem when authenticating my users, I spent a few days reading up on Google’s Python library and FlaskĀ docs. This is a quick and simple demonstration of how to integrate Google’s…

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A brief video on how to create large topologies with a small amount of Juniper boxes through the use of logical systems, we split the box into up to 15 different logical systems and assign a physical interface to each logical system, we then use VLAN tags to simulate our links between the boxes, all…

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